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British Army Pro Boots

The British Army Pro Boots are a comfortable, durable and waterproof combat boot.

The leather upper is of the finest quality water repellent full grain leather and the construction of the boot is designed to offer both maximum flexibility and the utmost support for both feet and ankles. The boot is secured with three eyelets, a secure lace lock and three speed lace loops. The extra pliable tongue is gusseted almost to the top ensuring the boot is as watertight as can be. The neck of the boot has a soft padded collar which adds to the comfort feel, aids with flexibility, helps to prevent un-necessary rubbing and chaffing of the calf and prevents restriction allowing the calf muscles and tendons to flex and move. The heel of the boot has an integrated support system that will aid in preventing unwanted lateral roll which will help to prevent twisting of the ankle on soft, rough or uneven ground.There is also a soft panel which has been designed to flex when you are entering the heel off section of the gait cycle, this aids with alleviating  muscle and tendon fatigue especially crucial in long walks or marches. The sole unit on the British Army Pro Boots had been designed to absorb impact when the heel strikes the ground, to roll forward into a neutral position and offer high grip when driving forward. The Goretex branded membrane will make this boot both waterproof and breathable. There is a reinforced toe box which will help the boots to keep their shape throughout their life time.

Like all premium products it is essential to maintain these boots, regular cleaning and polishing will help to prevent any unwanted cracking of the leather, it is not advisable to use oily resins such as dubbin or saddle soap to treat the leather, as due to their deeply penetrative nature, these leather treatments could prevent the waterproof membrane from transporting perspiration from the foot.


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