Flexothane Classic Louisiana Bib & Brace


Flexothane™ Classic

  • Waterproof & breathable
  • Chemical resistant
  • Blood borne pathogen resistant
  • Stretchy and strong
  • Soft and quiet
  • Ideal for agricultural or industrial use

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Flexothane Classic


  Bib And Brace

Flexothane Classic is a soft, quiet, light weight, water proof and breathable fabric. There is an excellent amount of stretch in the fabric (hence “Flexo”) which ensures the garment can move in harmony with the wearer ensuring a higher level of protection, functionality and durability. Even though there is stretch in the fabric the garments are strong and durable under extreme conditions and even in extreme low temperatures. This technically advanced fabric which is manufactured to ensure that it will meet and far exceed strict European standards for protective clothing. Flexothane Classic is oil and chemical resistant, Flexothane Classic will also resist any fungal growth in the fabric. Flexothane Classic provides 100% barrier protectin from Blood born pathogens(ASTM F1671-97)

These Bib and Brace style overtrousers offer protection from adverse weather conditions and keep the wearer both clean and dry underneath. The bib covers clothing as far as the chest and will keep dirt and other unwanted contaminants off the wearers clothing and undergarments. The simple elasticated braces click in with a strong and simple Fixlock plastic clip which ensures the wearer will have maximum movement room and that they will be confident the clips will stay securely where they are meant to be.


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