German Army Jumper


  • Wool nylon mix
  • High thermal insulating capacity
  • Comfortable fit
  • Very durable
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German Army Jumper

Picture the scene, it’s a very cold day in February, the wind is whistling through the naked trees,it’s dull and overcast, there is a very real threat of imminent rain, what a very grey day. On a day such as this you wouldn’t put a milk bottle outside never mind take yourself out, unless you were wrapped up in a German Army Jumper. If you were wrapped up in a German Army jumper; also some trousers and maybe a hat; it would also probably be advisable to wear some socks and boots as well, you could go about your business doing whatever it was you needed to do outside in relative comfort. The reason I tell you this is because this a premium quality wool rich(80%) garment which was issued to the German Army as part of their cold weather kit, and as  we all know the Germans don’t mess about, if they make something they make it properly.

The design of the garment is all about function, the elbow pads to save unnecessary wear and the useful pocket for keeping stuff in. The fabric has an element of stretchiness in it which means that even though the jumper has a snug fit (a design feature which maximises heat retention) it in no way restricts movement. The fabric itself, which is fairly heavy weight(technical terminology) is a wool/nylon mix which ensures that you get the thermal benefits of wool and the durability of nylon. The cuffs and the hem have a closer weave and added elasticity to ensure that both comfort and form are achieved with ease.


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