• Hydrophobic full grain leather.
  • Ergonomically designed sole and insole.
  • Cushion feel soft top high leg.
  • Maximum ankle support and movement.
  • Speed lace design.
  • Leather lined for ultimate comfort.
  • Used in supergrade condition.
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The German Army Para Boots are held in high regard by all who have ever owned a pair, and with good reason. Seldom before has such a product been developed, it comprises of several component parts which all work together in unison to create an atmosphere in which feet can dwell, that remains constantly hospitable, regardless of the inhospitable conditions that surround the outside of the boot. These boots have been issued to the German Army, and although they have been used these boots are still in pristine condition.

The German Army boot is made using a 2.5mm thick full grain hydrophobic  leather which will help to keep the feet dry but also allow the feet to “breathe”, the boot is lined with a soft , breathable leather which helps with the breathability of the boot. The German Army Para Boot is ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort and support for the ankle whilst maintaining the maximum amount of movement when walking, this is provided by the bellow stretch panel at the achilles. The boot has a speed lacing system compromising of three easy pull eyelets and five speed hooks. The German Army Boots are padded throughout to provide insulation from both weather conditions and  impact. The top of the boot is  padded for comfort and made using a soft and pliable leather which increases the comfort feeling of the boot.

As with all things German the fitting is fairly precise and the scale for figuring out the sizing is moderately straightforward. The easiest way to determine the size you require is to measure your feet, this can be done most accurately by placing your heel against a wall  whilst standing and marking the longest point of you foot, the measurement from the wall to the mark will determine the length you will need, also whilst standing mark the inside and the outside of your foot at the widest part, the measurement between these marks will hep to gauge the width you will need. It is advisable to repeat the process with both feet and use the biggest set of measurements. Or if you already own a pair and want the same again, check the inside of the tongue for a series of numbers which comprise of 3 digits eg 275 which indicates the length and another set of 3 digits eg 103 which indicates the width.

The numbers for the length of the boots go up and down in fives with each five being approximately a half size, so a 255 would be UK7, 260=UK7.5, 265=UK8 etc. The length is the most important number as you do not want the boots to be too short for your foot, the width is relevant but not as critical because the leather will stretch, however it is best not to have too tight a boot either as this will cramp the bones in the feet and can lead to problems with posture which will have an impact on the skeleton.

Please contact us with your sizing requirements.


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