Gri Sport Oak Waterproof Hunting Boots

  • Leather upper.
  • Waterproof and breathable membrane.
  • Protective  ‘toe bump’ prevents abrasion.
  • Padded throughout for wearer’s comfort.
  • Solid Vibram sole ideal for walking hills or bog ground, useful for digging.
  • Quick lace system for great ankle support.
  • Heel support system.
  • Colour: Brown
  • Weight 1510g.
  • Sizes 40-47



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Gri Sport Oak waterproof hunting boots

This is one of those boots that the moment you put them on you know they are right. The are a firm, supportive boot, with a strong sole unit which is ideal for walking on any off road surface you can encounter. The fit is neat which will offer as much support as it can squeeze out of it’s component parts. The lacing system is so exact that once you are laced in to the boot there will be no sliding around inside the boot. There is an integrated heel support system which will help to prevent lateral roll. thus helping to minimise the risk of unwanted and painful ankle injuries, there is nothing worse than being stuck out on a hill on a cold wet day with a sprained ankle(well there are worse things but let’s not get into that). There is a protective toe bump which saves the friction and abrasion from harsh heather and grasses removing the outer layers of leather, thus helping to preserve the boot and save it from untimely degradation which might otherwise have occurred. The boot is lined with a Spotex membrane, the spotxex membrane is both waterproof and breathable. The tongue of the boot is a soft pliable leather which is gusseted up high above the ankle.

These boots like all premium products will last well if properly maintained, regular cleaning and polishing with a good quality wax polish will help to maintain the leather and increase it’s longevity. It is important when the boots have been worn and are going into either long or short term storage to ensure that they are first properly dried. It is important to allow leather to dry slowly and at it’s own pace, it is not recommended to use heat or place wet leather products on a boiler, over a radiator, in front of the fire, etc. as this will simply make the leather more brittle than it should be, and this will in turn cause deeper cracks to appear on the surface, which will subsequently cause the leather on these waterproof hunting boots to be less water repellent and increase absorption.



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