Sherwood Forest Trout Wax Overtrousers.

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Wax Over Trousers

  • Outer – 100% Cotton cupra wax
  • Adjustable waist belt
  • Green Nylon Lining
  • Side entry pockets to give access to under garments
  • Unisex Fit
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The Trout are 100% cotton cupra wax with a nylon lining. With side entry pocket slits for access to under garments.

  • Care InstructionsHow to get the best performance from your wax cotton garment. Do not wash, dry clean or iron.When the garment has been worn and is wet or damp, place on a hanger
    and allow proper ventilation & natural drying. (Do not fold and store away
    in a wet condition)1. Remove excessive dirt with a sponge or damp cloth. Excess dirt may be
    carefully removed with a blunt knife.2. Occasionally inspect the garment to determine if the colour is fading. This
    is the first indication that the garment needs re-proofing. When `fading` occurs
    apply re-proofing compound to faded areas warming the garment and compounds
    as necessary to ensure even spread using a dry cloth or sponge

    3. Never apply compound wax when the garment is wet or damp.
    Always pay particular attention to the seams when applying re-proofing
    compound to ensure further long service from the garment.

    4. The simple rule is “Re-Proofing is best applied little & often” because
    the wax is essential for both waterproofing & durability.

    WARNING: Unless the garment is cared for in accordance with the above
    care and instructions the garment will wear & tear.


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