Army Surplus

Army Surplus.

Armies contract the manufacturing of the goods they require to equip their personnel to private contractors, these can be small workshops or larger manufacturing companies. Anything from clothing to hardware, from teaspoons to missiles and everything and anything in between. Some countries, have a rather large budget.¬†Some not so much, but most countries will have an inevitable surplus, some of this army surplus is bizarre, other articles are highly functional. But all without exception have been paid for, normally¬†from the ‘defence’ budget, which usually comes from the tax payers money.

We are able to source the best quality utilitarian products which we deem useful and fit for purpose.

Army surplus is ideal for a host of outdoor activities including, hunting, fishing, paintballing, airsoft and can also be quite fashionable, in fact a lot of larger retailers are manufacturing products for the fashion market which have been modeled on army surplus clothing.

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