Orn Crane Fur lined Hoody


  • 320G Polycotton outer
  • 300G Faux fur liner
  • Fur lined hood with draw strings
  • Thumb holes in the cuff
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Fur lined Hoody from Orn.

“BEEP BEEP BEEP” Sake, Half Six already, fumble fumble fumble, it’s there somewhere, crash smash bash, got it. “BEEP BEEP BEEP” wheres the button? Flop back down to the warm pillow AAAHHH that’s better, no wait, need the toilet, up and away. Trousers, socks, t-shirt, HHMM breakfast.

Bacon, scrambled eggs, toast and a cup of coffee out of the thing with the plunger, she knows you well, maybe time for a bit before we’re away. There’s a strange feeling on your face, might be a smile, havent had one of those in a while. Near time to go, heading to the scaffold, making the way to the door, pulling the handle, cold blast on the face, BALTIC!!

Dread, smile begins to crumble, damp and cold seeping into your bones. Why cant the bills just pay themselves? Why do we have to do this day in day out? Is it some kind of trap? Smile gone, shoulders slumped, turning back, giving up, but wait, there it is, that fur lined hoody you bought from CHARLIEKEENAN.COM.

Fur lined hoody, with thumb holes in the cuff and fur in the hood too, toasty, smile is back, shoulders are back, chest is out, open door, stepping through, not a bad day at all. Strutting to work, considering wearing this for a quick pint whilst out walking the dog later.

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