Pennine Ranger Boot Sock


  • Fully cushioned loop knit
  • Soft grip toe
  • Extra density protection pads
  • Crafted for extreme comfort
  • Woven to withstand the most extreme conditions
  • Designed to keep heat in and let moisture out
  • Men’s Shooting Socks
  • Premium Wool
  • 60% Wool, 40% Nylon
  • Flat toe seem
  • Nylon reinforced heel and toe
  • Available in sizes M=UK4-7, L=UK7-11, XL=UK11.5-13
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Pennine Ranger Boot Socks.

Here we have the Pennine Ranger Boot socks, a premium outdoor product designed for all day every day usage. There is only one fault we can find with these socks and that is once you are used to wearing them no other sock will do. And also one pair is never enough, that’s two faults, there are only two faults we can find with these socks. A third fault is that they just last too long, that actually isn’t a fault unless you are trying to sell the product in which case you know that you will see the customer for another pair of these top quality socks, it will just take longer than you would like.

The Pennine Ranger Boot Socks are crafted in England by a family run company, these high quality socks are knitted to the most exacting standards, using the finest worsted wool yarns, for comfort durability and excellent thermal qualities. Ideal for rugged conditions, Ranger is part of the Elite range specifically designed to meet the demands of rigorous outdoor wear.

Pennine Ranger Boot Socks are made from a yarn which is 60% Wool and 40% Nylon, this gives you all the benefits of wool without the pitfalls. Benefits of wool are thermal retention and non absorbent which helps to maintain healthy feet, which is important when you are on your feet all day, however wool isn’t too durable and this is where the nylon comes into play, the nylon ensures the wool does not wear down quickly and also makes it easier to wash. The yarn is woven so as to give a tricot surface for durability and a terry loop inner which will give a comfort feel to the sock and trap air for insulation. These socks can be washed at 40 in the machine but tumble drying should be avoided.