Sherwood Rambler Wax Waistcoat

Rambler Wax Gilet

  • 100% Cotton wet wax
  • Large bellow pockets with studded closure
  • Zip & popper closure
  • Cord shoulder patches
  • Unisex fit

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The Rambler gilet is 100% cotton wet wax with bellowed front pockets. The rambler is a little bit different from our basic wax gilet as it has a cord collar and shoulder patches for that extra attention to detail.

  • Care InstructionsHow to get the best performance from your wax cotton garment.┬áDo not wash, dry clean or iron.When the garment has been worn and is wet or damp, place on a hanger
    and allow proper ventilation & natural drying. (Do not fold and store away
    in a wet condition)1. Remove excessive dirt with a sponge or damp cloth. Excess dirt may be
    carefully removed with a blunt knife.2. Occasionally inspect the garment to determine if the colour is fading. This
    is the first indication that the garment needs re-proofing. When `fading` occurs
    apply re-proofing compound to faded areas warming the garment and compounds
    as necessary to ensure even spread using a dry cloth or sponge3. Never apply compound wax when the garment is wet or damp.
    Always pay particular attention to the seams when applying re-proofing
    compound to ensure further long service from the garment.4. The simple rule is “Re-Proofing is best applied little & often” because
    the wax is essential for both waterproofing & durability.WARNING: Unless the garment is cared for in accordance with the above
    care and instructions the garment will wear & tear.